About Madelyne

In 2017 I named my Flickr album for the year
'Never Enough'. Writer/Poet and fellow Dreamer, Victoria Erickson had written these words and I stumbled upon them in pursuit of what my year would look like in the photography/writing world awaiting me in 2017.

"I can't get enough of wandering. Or the earth. Some of us carry an inherent need to explore. Textures. Fragrances. Sounds. Air. Shadows. Movement. Patterns. Light."

Her words so accurately sum up how I view the world and it often shows in my photography. I continue to be humbled by how the simple things in our surroundings can be and are magical. It didn't happen overnight. Often 'seeing' the world this way, through wander and awe, must be nurtured. It is a call to arms to infuse your life, to stop, to listen, to see that God's world, while crazy and confusing, is beautiful. I want to capture that beauty. I want to write about the beauty and connect it to my life. In this connection I want to reach people with hope and love.

I live in the Midwest. While pursuing small projects and endeavors I work on healing and living with anxiety and depression. My story is not always pretty or easy to share. I'm learning to trust continually and to not hear the word vulnerability and quake with fear (and disgust if we are being honest). 

When I'm not reading, writing or taking pictures, I'm working at a bookshop I own with my sister. We love words and art in our family! We opened the shop a little over 8 years ago and have been sharing our love of books with our small community ever since.

In the time between now and becoming a bestselling author (wink, wink) and/or whatever God has next for me, I work a couple other jobs to pay the bills.
Now I'm humming Rhinna's Work. 

You might need to know:

  • Music is a must for me.
  • I'm a Cinephile Padawan.
  • Coffee and Hipster are middle names.
  • Family and Jesus (even if I'm stubborn and try to go my own way ALL THE TIME) see me through my days.
  • I'm a knitter and I'm not 75 years old...please don't make that joke or assumption, it's old (haha see what I did there?).
  • One time an acquaintance described my writing style as 'folksy' and that very aptly warmed my heart and has stuck with me since.
  • If I'm ever lost... I'm probably sleeping on a sofa at IKEA making up the job of "staged couple".